CA5 Logo Preproduction & Progression

For the CA5 logo assignment, we had a choice of 3 logo designs. When i read all 3 choices, i thought the most straight-forward option was the 2020 film production company logo. I thought this because of the fact that the company already had a name and an idea of what was wanted in terms of a design.

Moving forward, i began brainstorming words that came to my head for each choice. Then i furthered the brainstorm by thinking about names for the companies and drew symbols of logo designs ideas.

2020 film production brainstorm
2020 film production rough sketches
water bottle brainstorm
water bottle symbol sketches
water bottle name ideas
social media brainstorm
social media symbol sketches
social media name brainstorm

After brainstorming and coming up with rough ideas, i realised that the 2020 film production choice was actually the most difficult, simply because i was limited to what i could do with the design as the name was already chosen and the client wanted the name in the logo itself.

When I weighed up the options for my design, i decided on doing the social media logo as i had more freedom in what i could create and there was a lot of space for creativity. From here, I researched further into what i could do. I started by researching different social media names that already exist;

  1. Facebook
  2. instagram
  3. myspace
  4. bebo
  5. youtube
  6. tiktok
  7. twitter
  8. spotify
  9. reddit
  10. tinder
  11. skype
  12. whatsapp
  13. snapchat
  14. wordpress
  15. yahoo

From the sites that I listed, I noticed that some of them held obvious meanings behind their names, for example Facebook (face-book) refers to the profile photos and the homepages of the site, like a book of faces and social interactions. Snapchat (snap-chat) is pretty straight-forward and refers to taking a snap (photo) and using it to chat to your friends. Myspace (my-space) referring to the individual profiles of each user on the site and their “space” to post and communicate with friends.

On the other hand, there were a couple sites names that i didn’t instantly see the meaning behind. For example tinder, twitter, instagram and spotify, though after some research, i found that the names of these sites did in fact have significant relevant to what the sites were about and weren’t just random words like i initially thought.

Twitter for example, was inspired by the short burst of information from the chirps of birds, which is what twitter is about – short and sweet pieces of writing and statements by its users. Tinder was taken from the definition of ‘tinder’ which means dry material used to start a fire and therefore signifies the “romantic spark” in finding a relationship. This concept of fire is also seen in the tinder logo as a simple red flame design. Instagram is a mash up of the words “instant camera” and “telegram”, which again, has relevance to exactly what the site is, a place to share and communicate through photos and videos.

(reference for name meanings:,use%20Spotify%20to%20discover%20%5B%E2%80%A6%5D)

Social Media Icon Quiz: Test Your Social Media Knowledge. - Keith A.  Quesenberry
social media names & logos:

After researching a little bit about the meanings behind social media names, the logos associated with them became more apparent to me and i was able to interpret them more easily. Some had very straightforward and simple designs, others were a little more cleverly put together. For example, facebook is a simple white F on a blue background, similar to twitter which is a white T on a blue background. (Recently twitter changed its logo to a white bird on a blue background which is more interesting and also unique as Tumblr also has a T outline as their logo.) I thought the instagram and tiktok logos were much more interesting than facebook and twitter. Instagram is an outline of a camera with a gradient effect background of a warm colour scheme. This warmth creates a sense of connection and comfort, highlighting the sociability and connectivity of the site as well as symbolising a camera as the concept behind instagram. Tiktok was inspired by music and concerts, the dark background and the neon 3D style music note symbol refers to the musical side of Tiktok and the space for creativity it provides its users with.


Once i had read up on the inspiration and meaning behind other social media sites, I began to look at interesting ways to interpret the social media site logo that i wanted to design.

I referred back to my initial brainstorm and thought about ways to interpret connectivity and fun as an image. The first idea that popped into my head was symbolising friendship and companionship but in an animal form. I thought it would be a unique way to communicate connection in simple terms, so i googled “animals that stay together for life”. i found a long list of animals that stay in either small groups or as partners for their lifetimes and was inspired by a pair of parrots.

I then conducted a separate search to find the meaning behind parrot symbolism and was pleasantly surprised to find parrots are a symbol of the many things social media sites are about and the CA game-style social media in particular as it describes them as “playful”;,joy%2C%20happiness%20and%20positive%20energy.

I was very happy with this concept of a design so i started thinking about what i could call the site, what colours i would use, and what kind of design i wanted to create.

I began by researching different types of parrots as there are many different species with different personalities and the type of animal they are. I came across the Hyacinth Macaw parrots, which are cuddly, highly sociable, vocal and needy parrots who love spending time with their owners and known as “gentle giants”.

I thought the hyacinth macaw parrots were perfect to symbolise a social media site based on playing games with friends and connecting on a more interactive level than other social media platforms. Now that i had decided on a parrot species i did some brainstorming on names:

name brainstorm

When thinking about names, I liked the word “Hya”. It is a derivative of Hyacinth and also sounds like the word “Hiya” which is a slang word for Hello. This fits perfectly into the parrot concept and also the social side of the site. It refers to communication, companionship, fun, playfulness and connectivity.

The final step to my preproduction was to come up with rough ideas for the final design. I wanted to portray the image of a parrot but in simple terms, similar to other social media logos. Something that is striking but quaint and simple. The logo brief mentions only using 2 colours in the design, which works perfectly as the hyacinth bird is blue and yellow.

I began the planning process for the design by looking at pictures of Hyacinth Macaw’s.

google search results

I liked the images of the bird alone, in pairs and also on its own, but was instantly drawn to the close-up images of the birds face with the striking yellow patch on its beak and eyes.

My next step was to research symbols of birds so i did a google search and found some great inspiration:

I liked all the different positions and angles of birds in the symbols, and found it helpful in trying out different sketches.

Next i did some rough sketch ideas:

sketches 1
sketch 2

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  1. Hi Maggie, Great research and I really like the name you have for the social media platform and the retionale behind it. Great work, and to answer your other question about the number of colours. If the design need another colour then use it.


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